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Turn telematics into training; insights into safety

Automatically assign violation-based training based on GPS data. Telematics data can provide amazing insight into your fleet’s activity, but without regular training, even the most advanced telematics program won’t create safe drivers. Track and Train, our telematic safety monitoring program automatically assigns behavior-based training using GPS data of driver infractions.

How it works

Global integrations

Integrates with any telematic vendor to receive each driver's violation reports.

Data analysis

Driver records are analyzed against a client-determined threshold to identify drivers in need of training.

Automated training assignments

Drivers are automatically assigned training designed to target their specific deficiencies.

3 reasons why telematic safety monitoring gives your safety program an edge:

Target top crash causes

Supplement telematics data on harsh braking or speeding with behavior-based training focused on top crash causes related to those violations.

Go beyond driver scorecards

Give drivers the feedback they need for long-lasting behavior change with training that goes deeper than surface-level scorecards.

Integrates with any provider

Track and Train is compatible with any telematics provider, making integration between telematics and training seamless.

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