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Company vehicle policy testing for business fleets

In court, a signature may not prove drivers actually understood your organization's vehicle safety policy

Help drivers better understand what is expected of them

Don't wait to implement the necessary steps to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities. We can cut a portion of your business fleet’s liability with one of the easiest, most inexpensive risk mitigation tools in the industry. Company Vehicle Policy Testing easily converts vehicle safety policies into a custom training module that ultimately helps you by:​

Knowledge assessment

Including a knowledge assessment written by our team of professional writers based on your individual policy.

Negligent entrustment

Protecting your fleet against Negligent Entrustment and Corporate Manslaughter claims around the world.

Drive engagement

Reinforcing key concepts by challenging employees without frustrating them.

You can use FleetDefense at any time to generate management summaries on an employee's performance. Implementing mandatory policy testing is one of the simplest ways to train drivers on your business fleet's safety policies and procedures.

Add a keynote address at no extra charge

Every driver should know how much their safety means to your company. Telling them with a Keynote Address is simple and effective:

Message from the top

Invite your CEO, President or a key safety executive to speak. A 90-second message about safe driving can drastically increase compliance if it comes from the senior leadership.

Press record

We can bring the necessary camera equipment, lighting and scripts to film your message, or if you prefer, just send us one you record yourself.

White labelled

Add your company colors and logo. You can customize all of our courses to ensure drivers see your company’s name and color scheme every time they log in. The more personal your employees’ training feels, the sooner they'll finish it.

Keep your drivers informed

Additional Keynote messages can be filmed at the end of each year to recap the program’s progress and to drive further compliance.

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