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Employee turnover is expensive

Our transferable licenses litigate the costs associated with a shifting workforce. With drivers based in different departments, cities, or even countries, budgeting for a safety program can be a nightmare. AlertDriving’s subscription billing option takes the guesswork out of payment by assigning drivers to a subscribed number of seats. When drivers leave the program, simply assign the seat to a new driver – no new license purchase required. 

Launching a global fleet safety program can also involve high upfront costs that take months or even years to recover. It doesn’t have to be this way. AlertDriving’s subscription billing option keeps upfront costs low while providing exceptional ROI from day one.

Three reasons why subscription billing makes sense for your business

Driver safety that grows with your business

Additional seats can be added as your company or safety program grows.

Simplified pricing 

Program costs remain the same month-to-month.

Maximize program value

Seat-based billing ensures that you always get full value out of a seat, regardless of driver turnover.

Additional plans available to suit your needs

Pre-paid licenses

Purchase non-transferrable licenses when it makes the most sense for your budget, with the option of topping up as needed.

Pay as you go

Value the flexibility to add or subtract drivers on a month-to-month basis? Pay-as-you go lets you buy what you need, when you need it, no contract necessary.

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