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Improve fleet safety with over 25,000 global defensive driver training lessons

Our defensive driver training lessons are designed to provide drivers with short, single topic-focused driver training material that is delivered or pulsed on a monthly frequency throughout the year. Their purpose is not to try and teach someone how to drive. Instead, the emphasis is on reinforcing the awareness of the need to drive safely and keeping that message at the forefront of a driver’s mind. 

Varying driver training time options available

Training time restrictions shouldn't stop you from keeping safety at the forefront of driver's minds.  To ensure every company can provide their drivers with the training they need, we have created three training types ranging from 1-minute snippets to full 15-minute lessons.

The Professional Driver Training series include 15-minute lessons feature six slides that define the scope of the problem, three fact-based slides that reinforce the seriousness of the risky behavior with impactful statistics, and a 5-minute HD video that lays out a detailed prescription for drivers to avoid the risky behavior before it turns into a crash with grave consequences. To ensure the driver has understood the training material, there is a comprehensive 10-question knowledge assessment.

The Essential Driver Training lessons were developed to capitalize on the benefits of micro-learning, which are smaller, more focused training messages that reduce the cognitive load on busy, time-sensitive learners. here lessons can be completed in 5 minutes. These lessons provide an overview of the problem on one slide, undeniable proof that the problem is real using a highly impactful fact, and a 3 to 4 minute prescriptive HD video solution and  5 knowledge assessment questions that appear throughout the video.

The Express series offer drivers a snippet of learning to ensure safe driving stays top of mind. Each snippet consists of one slide that explores a single dangerous driving problem and a short HD video outlining a single safe driving technique, followed by 1 question based on the content. Each snippet can be completed in one minute. The power of the Express series is they are pinpointing specific driving challenges on a frequent basis (i.e. bi-weekly).

Our defensive driver training is the most advanced program of its kind

  • Multiple lesson formats available from 1-minute to 15-minute training sessions

  • All modules use real-life video footage, which drivers prefer over cartoon-like, computer animation

  • Modules feature local content, footage and languages from over 70 countries

  • Clients routinely see up to a 60% reduction in collisions, coupled with a dramatic reduction in the severity of their collisions

  • Custom training modules can be developed quickly and cost effectively

  • The system automatically corresponds via email with trainees, reminding them of upcoming modules—significantly improving compliance and results


Used by over 1 million drivers worldwide, the FleetDefense training library is the most extensive in the industry, covering speeding, intersection safety, distractions, fatigue, and much more.

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