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Apply driver-level metrics across your fleet to reduce risk

Managing a global fleet requires flexibility

Our data-driven programs let you customize your training.

Customized, flexible data reporting

Adjust course assignments to target your fleet’s persistent collision causes, or isolate training performance metrics to identify new sources of driver risk.

Driver compliance reporting

Monitor key areas of fleet risk—from course status to quiz attempts—with training data we can capture globally and at the driver level.

Comprehensive collision reporting

Review and compare accident rates both before and after the program, and also map driver test scores to crash types, costs, and severity

Similar fleet risk management programs require multiple applications - and cost more

Imagine having standardized, cross-cultural data on thousands of drivers—all delivered to one location.

Quick, powerful data drives informed decisions at the speed of business.


To help fleets keep pace, our single-source platform measures driver compliance against specific risk exposures on an individual, group, country or global basis. You can even add or delete drivers, or order compliance reports, across an entire global fleet or locally in each market.

In addition to dynamic risk reporting, you'll also receive a dedicated Analytics team who will assess your fleet for new or persistent areas of risk, and Client Care specialists to help you manage the program.

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