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Does your fleet management program accurately assess driver behavior?

Identify high-risk driver behaviors with the only training assessment in the industry to feature full-motion interactive video. Hazard Perception 360 evaluates a driver’s defensive skills using actual footage of near-collision situations shot around the globe.

We combine science and innovation to assess driver risk across your entire fleet

Core competencies

Hazard Perception 360 is a state-of-the-art predictive behavior analysis tool designed to identify driver risk in six core competency areas.  Driver attitude, speed management, danger zones, the other motorist, space management, and scanning.

High quality, real-life footage

Enhanced video quality and size offers a clean, interactive user interface with a 360-degree view around a vehicle, as well as easy-to-follow text descriptions. The risks depicted in Hazard Perception are not simulations. The assessment uses actual footage shot on local roads, ensuring a realistic, culturally relevant experience wherever your drivers train.

Hazard identification and practical knowledge

Once the risk assessment begins, Hazard Perception evaluates how quickly drivers identify the most serious hazard in each scene—down to 1/10th of a second. Next, in a theory-based section, Hazard Perception poses questions on the key behavioral deficiencies behind fleets’ leading crash causes.

Automated training assignments

After drivers have finished, Hazard Perception will map course assignments from over 25,000 lessons to areas of assessed risk specific to each trainee. 

Three reasons fleets are using hazard perception 360 to identify driver risk: 

Cost effective

Hazard Perception is a cost-effective way to efficiently allocate a fleet’s training budget.


A proactive, behavior-based system, it creates a targeted training regime for each driver.

Ease of use

It's simple, fast and accurate method of pinpointing the most at-risk drivers.

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