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Fully automated driver safety management solution

Individualized learning plans prioritize alertdriving’s full range of driver training products to target a learner’s most critical weaknesses. Using a standard curriculum based on high-incident and high-severity topics, this approach ensures that an individual driver’s most dangerous driving behaviors are targeted first – even if they join a program mid-year.

Employing a progressive learning strategy, each plan digs deeper into root crash causes each year the learner is in the program to ensure learner engagement and promote continuous improvement. Individual learning plans also allow administrators to minimize the impact of driver turnover by placing new drivers into vacated seats without the need to purchase additional licenses.

How it works

Prioritization engine

Core competency scores are used to prioritize the training curriculum for each driver for the first year. Each driver will be required to complete the standard curriculum, sequenced based on their individual deficiencies.

Monthly touchpoints

Drivers that are exposed to training activity (touchpoints) on a monthly basis achieve the highest collision reductions. These touchpoints ensure drivers are continually improving and retaining previous training knowledge.

Identify deficiencies

Each driver will complete Hazard Perception 360 and the system will generate and store an initial risk rating based on our six core competencies of safe driving. These scores will act as the baseline for each driver. 

Dynamic risk ratings

Core competency scores are used to prioritize the training curriculum for each driver for the first year. Each driver will be required to complete the standard curriculum, sequenced based on their individual deficiencies.

Three reasons individual learning plans lead to better results:

Progressive learning

Training digs deeper into risky driving behaviors as drivers advance through the program.

Rapid risk reduction

Target each driver’s critical weaknesses to maximize risk reduction in the shortest time possible.

Every driver gets a day one

Start every driver on the right path with the Individual learning plan from day one with no catch up needed.

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