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Built to permanently change driver behavior

Motormind represents a completely fresh approach to driver training. Combining elements of gamification with visual, auditory and tactile exercises, the training gives learners a hands-on understanding of the dangerous beliefs associated with common crash causes. 


Each Motormind exercise profoundly “connects the dots” for a driver leading to an ah-ha moment that helps them better understand that certain dangerous, but common beliefs and/or driving behaviors (i.e. texting is okay while driving) dramatically increase the odds of being involved in a serious, even fatal, crash. Ultimately, these exercises mentally and emotionally challenge a driver to reevaluate their perspective.

Motormind starts where other driver training programs end

Building upon our industry-leading defensive driver training program, MotorMind forces drivers to re-evaluate deep-rooted beliefs that lead to dangerous driving behavior. Here’s how it works:

Problem proof solution design

A highly impactful stat and video presentation provide further proof that the problem exists and provides solutions to mitigate the risk of future incidents.

Core Competencies

Each Motormind exercise is tied to one of the 6 core competencies, for example, multitasking is tied to driver attitude.

Behavior change

Each exercise aims to debunk common dangerous driving beliefs using highly engaging, interactive experiences.

Progressive training

Behavior indicator, comprehension, and retention questions appear throughout the exercise to identify the level of change that has occurred and to ensure key learning is understood and retained.

Three reasons fleets are using Motormind to reduce fleet collisions

Debunk dangerous beliefs

Present unbelievable facts and force users to rethink how they drive and provides users with a reason for learning.

Learn by doing

Hands-on interactive exercises allow users to experience dangerous driving behaviors to change deep-rooted behaviors.

A new way of thinking

Memorable experiences shape the way users think about driving and give them a reason to change.

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