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Micro-Learning Platform

With more than 25,000 global defensive driver training titles available, clients can create custom programs to target specific improvement areas. Translated and localized for 125 countries, the platform’s administrative tracking and reporting tools ensure full visibility across your entire company from anywhere in the world.

Individual Learning Plan

Custom-tailored for each driver's deficiencies, our Individual Learning Plan was built to maximize collision reductions through automated training assignments with our prioritization engine and progressive, multi-year learning strategy. 

Hazard Perception 360

Hazard Perception 360 combines real-life driving scenarios with behavior-based theory questions. Fleet drivers are 50% more likely to be hurt or killed in road crashes. Don’t wait for another accident to assess the problems in your fleet. Let HP 360 by alertdriving identify the behaviors behind every risk your drivers take on the road.


MotorMind by alertdriving starts where other training ends. Advanced behavior-based program uses interactive exercises to deliver memorable and engaging driver training. Ensure your drivers understand the dangerous beliefs that lead to risky driving behavior and digs deep into deep-rooted behaviors.

Policy Testing

Cut a significant amount of risk in minutes with our policy testing & keynote address. Your drivers might have signed off on your company’s vehicle safety policy, but is a signature enough to prove they understood it? Find out how easily you can cut a sizeable portion of your global fleet's risk—starting now.

Defensive Driver Training

Keep safety at the forefront of drivers' minds. Defensive Driver Training lessons by alertdriving trains the way adults learn best, testing drivers not just once, but at regular intervals—and in a modular design with local content that targets specific collisions.

Track & Train Telematics Monitoring

Automatically assign event driven training based on GPS data with Track & Train by alertdriving. We can easily trigger violation-based defensive driver training to ensure you get maximum return on investment from your telematics spend.

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