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The Changing Future of Fleet Management

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Ariel View of Full Parking Lot
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

An evolving industry is a healthy industry, and as the digital and fleet management worlds collide, change is definitely on the horizon.

"As a sector, we're approaching a tipping point beyond which there is no going back. Over the next ten years, fleet management is going to be re-invented, bringing with it new skill requirements, business models and competitors."

This piece by Tom Preston in Business Motoring faces those challenges head-on and anticipates some of the changes to come, like cleaner energy use and electric vehicles. Equally important, he stresses the role that training will have in an industry undergoing big changes.

"To avoid quick fixes and to ensure your fleet is managed at optimum level, training is essential.... [it] should also be an ongoing project..."

How we meet challenges, how flexible we are in the face of change, and how willing we are to adapt and learn, all have a huge impact on our ability to embrace new opportunity. But keeping up is process of continual learning and a willingness to learn is key to being ready to meet the future head on.

The full article from Tom Preston is worth the read and can be found here.


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