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New Releases for November 2017

alertdriving content development team is pleased to announce the following new releases!

Advanced Defensive Driver (Level 2) Mobile Web-Based Defensive Driver Training

The Advanced Defensive Driver (Level 2) Mobile Web-Based Defensive Driver Training is now also available in the following Countries & Languages:

1. Belgium – French, Flemish, English

2. China – Simplified Chinese, English

3. Czech Republic – Czech, English

4. Greece – Greek, English

5. Hong Kong – Traditional Chinese, English

6. Netherlands – Dutch, English

7. New Zealand – English

8. Indonesia – Indonesian, English

9. Ireland – English

10. Malaysia – Malay, English

11. Morocco – English, French, Arabic

12. Philippines – English, Tagalog

13. India – English, Hindi

14. Japan – Japanese, English

15. Mexico – Spanish, English

16. Poland – Polish, English

17. Portugal – Portuguese, English

18. Romania – Romanian, English

19. Singapore – English

20. South Africa – English

21. Spain – Spanish, English

22. Switzerland – English, French, Swiss-German

23. Sweden – Swedish, English

24. Thailand – Thai, English

25. United Arab Emirates – English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu

The Advanced Defensive Driver (Level) Training consists of the following titles:

Avoiding Collisions with Fixed Objects: Collisions with fixed objects can be costly, and most are avoidable. This course highlights some common mistakes and provides techniques to help drivers manage their visual constraints, anticipate hazards and park wisely.

Challenging Weather Conditions: Extreme temperatures and other adverse weather conditions create a challenging driving environment, often decreasing traction and visibility, while increasing the risk of a collision. In this course, drivers will learn how to maximize visibility when it is affected by fog, glare or precipitation, and maintain control of the vehicle when roads are slippery.

Danger Zones: Most motorists drive through danger zones on a regular basis. Containing a high concentration of risks, these areas include parking lots, rural roads and intersections. In this course, motorists will learn defensive driving techniques that will help them scan effectively, anticipate trouble and maximize space around their vehicles.

Inappropriate Speeds for Conditions: A speed that is safe in one situation could be dangerous in another. Explaining how inappropriate speeds ‹ whether too fast or too slow ‹ impact road safety, this course provides examples of driving conditions that require speed adjustment and offers drivers techniques to maintain a safe speed.

Overtaking: Overtaking other vehicles is one of the most dangerous maneuvers on the road. If executed poorly, it could lead to a fatal collision. This course highlights common mistakes drivers make when overtaking and provides techniques to help them overtake other vehicles safely.

Underestimating Driving Risks: Research shows that motorists frequently underestimate risks, which can lead to dangerous behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving or aggressive driving. This course explains how unrealistic beliefs can affect driving decisions and provides drivers with tips to help them make safe decisions on the road.


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