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More Safety Tips for Driving During Corona

Pumps at gas station
Photo by Natalie Scott on Unsplash

As we enter another week in this new coronavirus-world, social distancing, proper sanitation, and hyper-vigilance remain key to navigating through our communities. For many, travel remains a necessity, albeit an anxiety-inducing one.

We dished out some advice on in earlier post on this blog earlier on how to keep your vehicle as germ-free as possible, but a new article from Business Insider, has some additional safety tips that are well worth implementing.

One of the recommendations from Dr. Avisheh Forouzesh, an infectious-disease specialist that Business Insider consulted for their article, was limiting the number of places you drive.

"The more places you go, the higher your chances of interacting with someone or something with the virus - thus heightening the risk of bringing that into your car."

Even when traveling solo, the risk of coming into contact with the virus increases with the number of stops you add to the trip. A vehicle, while convenient in that it allows you to avoid public transit, doesn't make you invulnerable.

Another helpful piece of advice is to be especially wary when filling up your car with gas. While gas stations may not seem especially risky compared to other shared spaces, Dr. Forouzesh begs to differ.

"Studies have shown that fuel pumps may carry up to 11, 835 times the germs of the average public toilet east. Forouzesh recommends wearing gloves when touching fuel pumps, keypads, and other high-touch areas at the gas station, which may not be regularly sanitized."

As we mentioned in our previous advise post, it's important to think critically about everything surface and object you come into contact with both in and outside of your vehicle. Pre-pandemic, most people would give little thought to the gas pump or the touch screen at the service station. Being safe during this period of crisis is all about re-thinking the way we interact with the world and adjusting in order to take precautions.

These two pieces of advice are just a few of the many incredible helpful tips in the original article in Business Insider. Check out the piece and take their advice!


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