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alertdriving and AutoCorp form a strategic partnership in Argentina

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--alertdriving announced its partnership today with AutoCorp, an Argentine company renowned for vehicle rentals and fleet management services. As a certified ADvantage Channel Partner, AutoCorp adds FleetDefense®, the world’s most extensive driver risk management program, to its list of services aimed at providing clientele with a complete mobility solution.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, AutoCorp provides vehicle rentals and fleet management services to companies of all sizes and sectors of activity across the country. Along with these core products, AutoCorp offers an extensive mobility solution that can optimize and improve the overall business operations of its clientele. Services include maintenance management, day-to-day fleet administration, telematics, driver performance services, traffic violation and vehicle collision management, as well as road safety courses.

With FleetDefense®, AutoCorp and its clients gain access to an online program that provides interactive experiences and personalized instruction designed to help drivers stay safe on the road.

“Our program is a natural fit for AutoCorp’s high-quality mobility services,” explains Bill Sayers, Vice President of Sales at alertdriving. “Not only do we work with fleets to map core areas of an employee’s driving aptitudes, we also use localized high-definition video, thereby personalizing the training experience for drivers in Argentina.”

ABOUT AUTOCORP: AutoCorp is one of the pioneers in the vehicle rental sector in Argentina since 2004. It offers comprehensive, high-quality services for both renting and fleet management. As the Argentine partner of the ALD Automotive and Wheels Global Alliance, AutoCorp gives clients far more than access to rental cars and utility vehicles. Companies that choose AutoCorp enjoy the full benefits of a mobility support network geared towards their success. To learn more about AutoCorp and its services, visit:

ABOUT ALERTDRIVING: With over 1 million drivers trained, alertdriving is dedicated to helping global fleets identify, mitigate and monitor their risk exposure. FleetDefense®, the company’s driver risk management suite, combines training in over 100 languages with built-in metrics giving fleets standardized risk reporting anywhere in the world.

Interested in offering alertdriving solutions? Become an advantage Channel Partner and join a growing billion-dollar industry.


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