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The Price of Safety Technology

View through windshield of new BMW
Photo by lucas law on Unsplash

The technologies that keep drivers safe behind the wheel are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year, and the more sophisticated the technology, the higher the price tag.

Advanced driver assistance systems (or ADAS) are a routine feature in the latest vehicle modules. ADAS can include everything from the sensors that help drivers know when they are veering out of lane to backing cameras that kick in to gear once drivers begin reversing.

"... repairs cost more when ADAS components are damaged or even jarred slightly in minor collisions. That's because the sensors integral to ADAS usually live in peripheral, easy-to-damage areas - inside bumpers and windshields, and in side mirrors."

While rising costs can elicit a knee-jerk reaction from drivers who are wary of paying more on their vehicles, it is important to put the rising costs of repairs into perspective. As Consumer Reports points out, in their report on the cost of ADAS repairs, the benefits outweigh the costs, in more ways than one.

"Consumer Reports believes that all cars should come standard with [ADAS]. CR experts say that with fewer crashes over time because of the wider adoption of collision avoidance systems, drivers should save money, even if collision repair bills are higher."

While covering the cost of repairs on a single accident may be more expensive than in the past, safety technologies are helping to keep the overall number of collisions down, meaning that drivers will ultimately pay out less. As Consumer Reports dutifully notes, recent studies are already proving that when vehicles are equipped with ADAS, the number of collisions dramatically decreases. As the technology improves over time and is used by a greater number of drivers, road safety will only improve.

For a more in-depth look at repair costs and what they mean for drivers, check out the original article by Consumer Reports.


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