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Road Signs with a Squid Game Twist

Computer screen showing Netflix's Squid Game title
Photo by Jonas Augustin on Unsplash

Have you happened to watch Netflix's smash hit and viral sensation Squid Game recently. If so, you're not alone. The show has been been viewed by over 111 million users since its release in mid-September. In the United States alone, 1 in 4 people have seen the show.

The dystopian drama about cash-strapped people competing in children's game for cash is gory, twisted and highly bingeable. It's also got a recognizable calling card, the very card that, in the show, invites players to join the game: a circle, a triangle, and a square.

What does this have to do with driving, you might ask. Well, as reported on CTV News, those shapes also appear on an obscure road sign that, with the wide success of the show, had some road users in England in a tizzy this week.

The road sign, at least in the UK, provides directions for drivers towards diversion routes when construction is being carried out. Not, unfortunately (or fortunately, let's be honest) directions to join in a real-live Squid Game.

"Thomas Valley Road Policing took to Twitter on Monday to confirm that the rather obscure sign... will not lead fans to the popular TV series.... "It's just directions for diversion routes during the roadworks... phew!" the police force said... along with a photo of the sign showing a triangle, square, and circle in a vertical formation."

Phew, indeed. We can happily confirm that we are not yet living in a nightmarish reality in which people have to win a game a tug of war for cash or die (sorry to spoil for those unaware of the concept, but I assure you that is the very tip of the iceberg).

Because we are loath to pass up a good opportunity for a helpful safety reminder... can we suggest the importance of brushing up on your knowledge of road signs. While we all know the obvious, daily ones, it's always helpful to know the more obscure ones, too. Being in a situation where you are unable to understand potentially critical information being conveyed via sign can lead to genuine danger. And who knows, one day the ability to read an obscure road sign might just prevent you entering a game for cash with deadly consequences.

For more on this story, check out the original article on CTV News.


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