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Introducing MotorMind by alertdriving, a revolutionary program that starts where other training ends

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, AlertDriving announced the highly anticipated launch of its newest training program, MotorMind by AlertDriving.

The program enables drivers to re-evaluate deep-rooted beliefs that lead to dangerous driving behavior. Interactive lessons combine elements of gamification with engaging exercises that focus on some of the most challenging topics to address, such as distracted driving and proper space management.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of MotorMind,” says AlertDriving’s Vice President of Innovation, Matthew Latreille. “This is a totally new, unique approach to driver training, allowing the driver to ‘learn by doing.’ The interactive lessons dig deep into crash cause, forcing drivers to re-evaluate their own dangerous beliefs. The result is permanent behavioral change.”

As part of FleetDefenseSM, AlertDriving’s acclaimed driver risk management platform, MotorMind by AlertDriving is being integrated into AlertDriving’s multi-year training program. In the first year, drivers complete the Hazard Perception Evaluation, a state-of-the-art tool that uses localized video content to identify driver risk and assign targeted training. In the second year, drivers complete modules based on the previous year’s fleet performance. And in the third year, drivers are introduced to MotorMind by AlertDriving.

“We have the largest global driver training library in the industry, making it easy to extend the program well beyond three years,” adds Latreille. “By giving FleetDefenseSM a permanent role in your company’s driver safety program, you will create an organic safety culture within your fleet, permanently reducing collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure.”

Established in 1998, AlertDriving pioneered web-based driver risk management and has trained millions of drivers worldwide. With the addition of MotorMind by AlertDriving, fleets now have the power to permanently change their drivers’ behavior, while simultaneously creating a sustainable safety culture that reduces risk and cost on an ongoing basis.


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