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Introducing Individual Learning Plans, fully automated driver risk management solution

Today, we are announcing the launch of our newest driver risk management curriculum, Individual Learning Plans.

Individual Learning Plans prioritize AlertDriving’s full range of training (DDT, MM, SAT) to target a learner’s most critical deficiencies to increase program efficacy and ease of program implementation. Monthly training requirements will be prioritized for each driver from a standard, multi-year curriculum based on high incident and high severity topics to ensure that each individuals most dangerous driving behaviors are targeted first.

How It Works

1. Alertdriving’s global courseware has been categorized into a standard curriculum that all drivers are required to complete

2. Drivers will start the program with Hazard Perception 360 and receive a risk score for each of the 6 core competencies

3. The 6 scores are passed through our Prioritization Engine to determine the order in which drivers will receive training

4. Core Competency scores are dynamic and change over time as training is completed

5. Subsequent years are prioritized using Dynamic Risk Ratings at the end of each year


1. Progressive learning strategy: Individual Learning Plans dig deeper into root crash causes each year to ensure learner engagement and promote continuous improvement

2. Improved crash reductions: Based on our experience, drivers that are exposed to our training on a monthly basis receive higher collision reductions

3. Fast rollout and ease of implantation: The automated prioritization of ILP ensures each new driver starts the program from the very beginning as soon as they are added to the system

4. No more playing catchup: Because each drivers plan is tailored to their unique deficiencies, there is no need to provide additional training for users that join midstream

5. Standard training on a global scale: The curriculum that all drivers must complete is standard across our footprint, so every driver in a global fleet will be provided the same proven behavior-based training


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