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Cutting Edge Distractions?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Man sitting in front seat of fancy car
Photo by why kei on Unsplash

We're at a landmark moment when it comes to the technological abilities of our vehicles. The latest car models have gadgets that were just a dream ten years ago, and each year means new innovations in the car industry. But with any landmark moment comes a great deal of conversation about what the changes mean and how they will impact the way we behave. Over on The Independent they are asking just such a question about when safety technology becomes a distraction.

"Increasingly, vehicles come pre-installed with technology that promises to improve our lives and let us get that little bit more productivity out of our journey... Many such technologies are designed to keep us safe, but could they actually be dangerous - giving us the false impression that our attention can be focused elsewhere?"

Regardless of what new technology hits the roads, there are a few facts about driving that are here to stay. One of those facts is that the driving is an activity that requires are full attention. New technologies don't compensate for the fact that, weighing thousands of pounds, cars can do an incredible amount of damage when things go wrong. Technology can make safe driving easier, but it should never override the need for vigilance when driving.

For the full discussion in The Independent, check out the article here.


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