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alertdriving partners with SuperDRIVE Driver Education Center

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, alertdriving announced its partnership with SuperDRIVE, a driver education center based in Slovakia. As a certified advantage Channel Partner, SuperDRIVE enhances its training services with FleetDefense®, the world’s most extensive driver risk management solution.

SuperDRIVE has been teaching people techniques to operate vehicles safely since 2007. The company accomplishes its purpose through customized software and expert instructors who teach using the most modern methods. Training in skid control, defensive driving and fuel-efficient driving are among the services the company offers.

With FleetDefense®, SuperDRIVE augments its arsenal of behind-the-wheel training solutions. “The program provides a highly scalable platform and online lessons that reinforce safe driving behaviors,” says Bill Sayers, Vice President of Sales at alertdriving. “This interactive training also uses local content, so courses speak to drivers’ personal experiences.”

ABOUT SUPERDRIVE: Nearly 37,000 drivers have completed courses at SuperDRIVE’s three training centers located in Slovakia and Austria. Multinational corporations and local celebrities are among the company’s satisfied clients. SuperDRIVE considers its high-quality instructors, expertise and attention to clients as keys to its success. To learn more, visit:

ABOUT ALERTDRIVING: With over 1 million drivers trained, alertdriving is dedicated to helping global fleets identify, mitigate and monitor their risk exposure. FleetDefense®, the company’s driver risk management suite, combines training in over 100 languages with built-in metrics giving fleets standardized risk reporting anywhere in the world.

Interested in offering alertdriving solutions? Become an advantage Channel Partner and join a growing billion-dollar industry:


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