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Alertdriving Launches New Micro-Learning Platform

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Alertdriving®, a technology company that provides digital driver risk identification, mitigation and monitoring solutions to organizations with road risk exposure, has launched a new micro-learning platform to better serve its global partners and customers.

Clients can build custom driver safety training programs that include individualized driver learning plans using content from one of three distinct training curriculums: the Professional series that consists of full 15-minute lessons and a comprehensive knowledge assessment, the Essentials series that covers core safe driving topics in 5-minute lessons, and the Express series that features narrowly focused 1-minute snippets.

To support this effort, Alertdriving is expanding its existing content library of 4,300 lessons to more than 25,000 lessons. In addition, the platform’s administrative tracking and reporting tools have been translated and localized into 52 languages covering 125 countries. This means administrators across the globe now have the ability to manage their drivers’ safety training and reporting activities in their local language.

Users can access Alertdriving’s new micro-learning platform as an external portal from any browser, or through their existing corporate Learning Management System.

“The increased flexibility of micro-learning translates into a more effective, engaging and enjoyable user experience, since it reduces the cognitive load on today’s busy and time-sensitive learners,” says Gerry Martin, CEO at Alertdriving. “We also think it is going to appeal to organizations that have a limited training envelope, but still want the benefits of regular touch points. This is an exciting customer-driven initiative that widens our advantage in the driver safety training space.”


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