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Join alertdriving and industry insiders at the ASSE Safety Expo

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--alertdriving, the global leader in driver risk management, invites clients and valued prospects attending the ASSE Safety Expo in San Antonio, Texas, to visit them at their booth and experience firsthand their innovative technology.

This year, alertdriving will unveil a groundbreaking automated training program: Individual Learning Plans. We’ve analyzed 20 years of crash data and client success stories to create this essential training curriculum. Every driver starts the program with HP360 to rank their risk levels from lowest to highest performing within the 6 core competencies and training is prioritized and delivered monthly to address their unique deficiencies.

Scores are dynamic and change overtime, so the system will recalibrate their training priorities every year. The progressive nature of the program targets high-frequency crash causes in year 1, digs deeper into behavioral root causes with MotorMind in year 2 and 3, and aims to create military grade defensive drivers through Situational Awareness training in years 4 and 5.

The ASSE Safety Expo provides an invaluable opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and share expertise. When you book a meeting with an alertdriving team member at this year’s expo, you will get a chance to experience FleetDefense® first hand. This fully interactive, mobile-optimized driver training program is available in over 100 languages, challenging drivers, along with MotorMind, to re-evaluate deep-routed beliefs that have led to dangerous driving behavior.

alertdriving’s intuitive, behavior-based driver risk monitoring software is used all around the world – with global companies boasting fleets in over 70 countries. Attendees at the ASSE Safety Expo will have the opportunity to see firsthand how alertdriving technology can help them achieve:

  • A notable reduction in vehicle collisions

  • Fewer personal injury claims

  • Significant cost savings

  • Lower liability exposure

  • 1000% ROI

Please visit If you would like to book an appointment with an alertdriving product specialist, you can visit them at


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