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Airbags... For the Outside of Your Car?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Close-up of steering wheel embossed with word 'airbag'
Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Driving is an expensive enterprise, and for many of us, the car we drive may be one of the most expensive things we own. One German supplier is aiming to make the whole enterprise safer for our vehicles... by introducing exterior airbags. These airbags, attached to the still on the side of the vehicle, could not only help protect the vehicle itself in the event of a collision, they could also help protect its passengers.

"A new airbag that deploys from the side of a vehicle before a collision can reduce the severity of occupant injuries 40%..."

While the technology has yet to be utilized, it could make a huge difference in our safety on the roads. While it can be difficult to imagine how it work practically, these exterior airbags have been designed with every consideration, down to when exactly they will deploy and what the effect will be inside of the vehicle.

"The system uses cameras, radar and lidar to determine when a collision is unavoidable, igniting the air bag milliseconds before the oncoming vehicle strikes. The sensors will also communicate with safety systems inside the vehicle, for instance adjusting the seat belts for side impact."

For more on the exterior airbags of the future, check out the original article in USA Today.


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