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Desperately Seeking... Driver Training?

Time lapse of photo passing through traffic
Photo by Bilal Ayadi on Unsplash

The driver's ed we receive prior to getting our licenses is incredibly important, setting the foundation for how we will drive going forward. But a recent survey of driver's ed experiences in the U.S. suggests that a lot of people find that that crucial training is lacking.

"The quality and accessibility of public driver's education nationwide is declining. Most Americans said it just wasn't it used to be and a more modern and comprehensive approach to learning how to drive is needed to ensure safety."

In an article by Forbes, the full extent of the findings were discussed, touching on things like the lack of practical education, the outdated materials and technologies being used, and the lack of confidence people feel after going through driver's ed programs.

It's a multifaceted problem, one that will need to be resolved in different ways, but part of the solution may come from thinking about driver training in a different way. Because we only go through driver's ed once, it can be easy to think about driver education as a one-and-done thing; something you learn only once. But the reality is much different. Driver education is a lifetime exercise - we can always learn more about safe driving and we can always be better drivers. Shifting the perspective, and incorporating ongoing training and education into our lives as drivers can make a big difference in the long run and should be part of the discussion when it comes to the effectiveness of driver's ed.

For more on the survey and Forbes' take on results, check out the original article.


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